Be Quiet, Please, is a new and peculiar adventure, a cultural challenge which sprung up from the barren south-east area of Milan.

Be Quiet, Please comes from our own experience (we are Marco Mucig and Annalisa Turroni - LaPisa, by the way). It aims at promoting young artists who haven't found their place in big galleries yet, at letting everyone know what we like, the people we think highly of and who are a part of our life (that's why the exhibitions happen at our place). We want to focus the attention on new artists, with no Wikipedia entries yet, and on old places, which still exist only because they're on the city map. This is a nonprofit project, we don't sell works; the aim is sharing a part of our lives.

Our Story

We know personally every artist involved, that's why our living room is the place which best fits this idea, and the one literally soaked with our passion for these people, their art and creativity.  Be Quiet, Please includes its essence in its name: it is meant to be something delicate and cozy, almost tiptoeing but reliable, just like home.

That's why we decided to host these exhibitions in a 25 square meter room (a part of our apartment in via Resnati), opening the doors of a house like many others (Marco and Annalisa's own house) in a forgotten neighborhood, to turn the spotlight on the artists and on their ever lively research. Having so many friends among artists, video-makers and photographers, what better occasion to invite them over? And what better consequence than inviting other friends and people interested in the project to show up?

Due to the unusual location and the extremely informal atmosphere, we ask the audience not to come over to "be there", just for the sake of showing up, but to come over to take a look and really taste the works of new artists. You'll go back home relieved, knowing there are no limits to the will of "making" and "producing" art and culture. This time you won't be able to hang out chatting for hours, there's just no space for it. You won't be able to come over for public relations, once you've seen the exhibition you will have to make space for those who are coming next, so that they too can enjoy this novelty. 

It's a warm welcome in a small room, just like being over for dinner at a friend's place. Just some basic rules, please respect other people who live here and don't wait on the stairways in case there's not enough space in the exhibition room (a.k.a. the "apartment" during the other 364 days of the year).

In short: Be Quiet, Please.