My Quiet Family


We fell in love with Bea De Giacomo at first sight, as we share the same perspective on delicacy. Bea is a sweet girl and she seems to wear satin shoes: any description of her should be written with a fountain pen.

Bea is gentle, that's why she perfectly matches our living room. She's so gentle that she can bring her own family's living room into ours. Bea is so shy that there's no need for her to blush for us to understand that she's excited. Bea is beautiful because she's passionate and excited.

In spite of her age, Bea has been working in photography for a long time, and you can surely tell her experience. Talent never forgets its roots, and she never neglected her relationship with her large and bizarre family. This is what will be displayed at Be Quiet, Please: her weird family, posing in their natural context.

We bet that it's just a matter of time before art galleries start fighting over Bea De Giacomo, and we want to help her warm up. FYI, she'd rather not be present at Be Quiet, Please, because she's a little ashamed.

Bea De Giacomo recreated her lakeside house's kitchen and living room for Be Quiet, Please. She built her own familiar environment in our living room. In an almost child-like way, she filled 25 square meters with her homesickness. How can you not love her? Her family is really worth knowing about. Bea was born in Sangiano in 1982. It's like she's constantly plunged into lake water, no sound can disturb her. She's really quiet: she's like a scout getting lost in the woods. Hiding and never coming back, there are no little white stones in her pockets, just butterflies in her stomach.