Real Estate


Real Estate is an entomologist-proof journey through the infra-ordinary (as George Perec would say), or through the everyday (as most of us would say).

It's a collection of small key-holes through which we can peep at stories, an unconscious diary, a haiku collection without the formal strictness. A deep glance at the superficial things that every day brings us: this is what Francesco Dolfo, the author and a good friend of ours, wanted to show in his photos.

Here's what Frank (a.k.a. what everyone calls him) has to say about Real Estate: “Things that I see every day, especially in this historical phase, push me to question the concept of value. Value that is ascribed, absolute value, practical value, fake values, monetary values, values. What makes us determine the value of things?”

As if I were in a pawn shop, I browsed through images I had stacked over time and my attention was caught by those which pictured the most natural, common, simple and normal moments. Situations I was lucky enough to stumble into. Fate is farsighted: going for lunch, someone playing music, fireworks, a glimpse of the sky, heaven, life, silence, a fire... routine becomes important and meaningful. Non-perennial ice, earthquakes and tsunamis, oil, euro and dollar, yen and yuan, deadlines, gain and loss of value. There's no direction to follow, no values to embrace.

Religions, wars, leaders, hunger, cluelessness.
The usual three questions without an answer.
We can find some comfort in “because” and “how”.

The fear of losing what we have, devaluation: everything passes. I can only find salvation by observing what every day offers to me, this is my “real estate”.

We don't know if it's the right way, but it is a way. And we'd like to show it to you right in our living room.