Una famiglia fuori dal comune (A family less ordinary)


A story for free-minded children.

Ten years ago Chiappano was two hundred meters away from where it is today. Its grey stone houses with a brown roof made it look just like Crocchette, Palù, Trevasse and Minto, the other small villages of the Val Casta.

A town ordinance stated that before turning twenty, every citizen must have his (or her) own family. Depending on the moment, the community was divided into forty-seven to fifty nuclear families, consisting of dad, mom and two kids.

Sure, doors were slammed so often that they sometimes yielded and chimneys puffed out of boredom during autumn nights. But things had been the same way for centuries, why bother changing them?

COSIMO BIZZARRI believes that 1) mankind would disappear if we stopped telling stories; 2) there are no new stories to tell, only new ways to tell stories that already exist. That's the reason why he spends a lot of time finding new ways to tell stories, and giving them new shine and hope. It couldn't sound like much of a job, but besides assuring the survival of mankind, Cosimo Bizzarri also makes a living out of it.

ELENA XAUSA moves every six months and all of her belongings fit in three Ikea boxes that she always carries with her. She wishes for a lot of things, mainly for a drafting table to draw and a comfortable chair for daydreaming.