We're happy to host the Bulkington research. The inspiration comes from a Moby Dick bit that stuck to Zamoc's mind like an epiphany. The sort of thing that happens when you're back from a holiday where you didn't bring your cell phone.

Zamoc was born under the sea level, and water has always had a dark charm to him. While he was flipping through pages of Moby Dick, the sea just re-emerged into his life, unexpected and sublime. It's difficult to understand how someone who died 150 years ago was able to escape the laws of time and space and join Zamoc in his small room. Still, Bulkington - metaphor of man - managed to put him in front of his own essence like an exact mirror image.

LUCA ZAMOC was born with a careless mind, and he was never good at school. His attention span is extremely low, we suppose that's the reason why he started drawing. Had he been good at school, he would have become a surgeon, as half of his work is focused on anatomy. The other half comes from some kind of autistic tendency according to which things only exist if they have a meaning, thus explaining his love for symbols. Oh, he also cannot use colors, that's why his works stick to black/white.