To the residents of via Resnati 10,

Here's Marco and Annalisa, the couple living on the first floor. You probably already saw us, parking a scooter on the outside or shouldering our bikes up the stairs. Well, we'd like to tell you two stories:

The first one is about us: we're serious about our work and we're constantly looking for something new. Despite our dedication, our jobs and the money they pay are not enough for us to afford to "buy" or "rent" another space where to develop all our activities. All we have is our home, our enthusiasm, and our friends.

The second story is about our city and our neighborhood: the area we live in has since long fallen victim to isolation and carelessness. No exhibitions, no public service whatsoever. Not even the public cleaning services come here anymore (I think we all realized). I tried to grow some flowers on our tiny balcony to add some color, but I don't think a lot of people noticed it.

Now, combining these two elements (no spaces for exhibitions and the decadence of our area), we came up with an idea, and we'd like to share it with you.

We formed an association (Be Quiet, Please in order to promote "alternative" ways of art and to make space for new artists who haven't earned full visibility yet. We'd like to have a small monthly vernissage at our place to promote the work of fellow artists, painters and video-makers.

We'd like to bring forward this project by respecting the common spaces and the neighborhood, as these activities could even be useful and healthy for it.

Even the name we picked, "Be Quiet, Please", means that we don't want to cause you trouble in any way. In order to make this appointment as tolerable as possible, we decided to have it only once a month, from 18.00 to 20.30, so that no one is disturbed by the noise or the people. Our place is pretty small, but you are all welcome to stop by and have a look.

We hope you feel like helping us out in our effort to promote a different way of making culture in Milan.

See you soon,

Annalisa and Marco